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931 Monroe Dr. Atlanta GA 30308  404-879-0160

2014 Films


Age of Consent                                                                DO

Story of London’s The Hoist leather bar.


Al Nisa: Black Muslim Women in Atlanta’s Gay Mecca  L  DO

Black Muslim women in Atlanta.


Alec Mapa: Baby Daddy                              G   C   Q&A

Comedy concert with Q&A after the film.


Appropriate Behavior                                              L   C 

Can Shirin win back her lover?


Bad Ass Gays                                                     G   DO  Q&A

Gay men defying stereotypes.


BFFSs                                                                            L    C

Two friends fake a lesbian romance to attend a spa weekend.


Blackbird                                                               G   D   Q&A

Coming out in the south. Meet cast members after.


Boy Meets Girl                                                              T    C

Transgender girl, straight boy and debutante become friends.


Boys                                                                           G   R   F

Two athletes become more than team mates.

Club King                                                                      G   DO
20 year look of the nightlife promoter Mario Diaz.2014ClubKing.html
Compared to What: The Improbable Journey of Barney Frank    DO  Q&A
First openly gay Congressman reflects on his life as he retires.2014Barney.html

Crazy Bitches                                                L   THRILLER

Murder interrupts friends’ weekend getaway.

Drunktown’s Finest                                                        T   D
Three Native Americans strive to escape the reservation.2014Drunk.html

Eastern Boys                                                             G   D   F

Gay male sexuality and inter-European immigration.


Eat With Me                                                    G   C   R   Q&A

Mom moves in with her gay son while he tries to save family diner.


Folsom Forever                                                                 DO

How a kinky street festival captured the heart of San Francisco.


Gerontophilia                                                                  G   R

18-year-old Lake has an unusual attraction to the elderly.

Lilting                                                                         G   R   F
Gay man tries to befriend the Chinese mother of his dead partner.2014Lilting.html
Limited Partnership                                                     G   DO
A look at one of the first same-sex marriages decades ago.2014Limited.html

Matt Shepard is a Friend of Mine.                                      DO

Matt Shepard documentary from the view of friends who knew him.

More Scenes from a Gay Marriage                  G   D   R  Q&A                                                                   
Follow up to “Scenes from a Gay Marriage” and what’s happened.2014More.html
My Straight Son                                                        G   D   F
A photographer, an accident, a visit to dad, and more. 2014MyStraight.html
Open Up to Me                                                          T   D   F
Transgender woman strives to find her identity.2014OpenUp.html
Out in the Night                                                            L   DO
Four women become criminals after defending themselves.2014OutNight.html
Power Erotic                                                  G   DO   Q&A
Strength, power, dominance and masculinity.2014Power.html

Queens and Cowboys: A Straight Year on the Gay Rodeo     DO

Gays and lesbians compete in the IGRA rodeo circuit.


Rosie                                                                         G   D   F

Gay son deals with mom’s life of enjoying wine and smoking.


Skanks                                                                        G   DO

Gay theatre troupe performs in Birmingham, Alabama.


Snails in the Rain                                                     G   D   F

25-year-old Boaz begins to question his sexual identity.


Such Good People                                               G   C   Q&A

Young couple finds hidden cash while house-sitting.

The Circle                                                                G   R   F

The heyday and decline of Europe-wide gay emancipation.2014TheCircle.html

The Foxy Merkins                                                          L   C

Two lesbian hooker experiences in this female buddy comedy.

The Last One                                                                   DO

Documentary about the AIDS quilt.2014LastOne.html

The Way He Looks                                             G   R   D   F

Blind Leonardo finds friendship and love.

The 10-Year Plan                                          G   R   C   Q&A

Friends have a deadline to find love - or they get each other.2014The10Year.html
Tiger Orange                                                         G   D   Q&A

Estranged gay brothers try to reconcile after dad’s death. 2014Tiger.html

Tru Love                                                                   L   D   R

Widow finds love while busy daughter has no time for her.


Shorts Programs                                                                S

A variety of shorts, including lunchtime freebies.


The Dog                                                                           DO

The true story behind the crime film “Dog Day Afternoon.”

Born to Fly: Elizabeth Streb vs. Gravity                            DO
A breathtaking tale about the necessity of art.2014BornFly.html

Naked.Sordid.Reality.                        C   Concert Film  Q&A

Del Shores’ latest hilarious comedy concert film.


Jayson Bend: Queen and Country                                 G   C

The gay version of 007.

Select Film

FOR FILTH!                                                                S
Shorts...and drag queens.2014ForFilth.html

Kumu Hina                                                                  T   DO

The struggle to maintain Pacific Islander culture.

Pride                                                                          G   L  D
Award-winning charmer based on 1984 UK miners’ strike.2014Pride.html
Free To Be...You And Me            FREE FAMILY FEATURE
Fun-filled family voyage of discovery for children and adults.2014Free.html



Audience Awards

 Overall Feature: “Pride”

Men’s Feature : (tie) “Blackbird” and “The Way He Looks”

Runner-up: “My Straight Son”

Women’s Feature – “BFFs”

Runner-up - “Tru Love”

Best Overall Feature - “Pride”

Comedy Feature – (tie) “Alec Mapa: Baby Daddy,” “The Ten Year Plan” and “Eat With Me”

Runner-up: “Boy Meets Girl”

Best Documentary – “Compared to What: The Improbable Journey of Barney Frank”

Runner-up - “Born to Fly”

Best Women’s Short – “Alone With People”

Best Men’s Short – “Nomansland”

Runner-up - “Jayson Bend: For Queen and Country”

Best Animated Short – “Happy & Gay”

Juror Awards

Best Feature - “Lilting”

Best Director – (tie) Patrik-Ian Polk,“Blackbird” and “Desiree Akhavan, “Appropriate Behavior”

Best Actor – (tie) Ben Whishaw, “Lilting” and Julian Walker, “Blackbird”

Best Actress – (tie) Desiree Akhavan, “Appropriate Behavior” and Sharon Omi , “Eat With Me”

Best Ensemble – (tie) “Drunktown’s Finest” and “Blackbird”

Best First Feature – “Appropriate Behavior”

Best Documentary – “Matt Shepard is a Friend of Mine”

Best Women’s Short – “Dream Date”

Best Men’s Short – (tie) “Nomansland” and “Facing Fear’

Best Animated Short – (tie) “Lady of the Night” and “Happy & Gay”