The mission of Out on Film is to inform, entertain, educate, and enrich the LGBTQ culture by showcasing films by, for, and about the LGBT community and its allies.


Out on Film promotes LGBTQ film, video and digital art forms and recognizes the creative work of artists and professionals, many with local connections, who tell the stories of all facets of the LGBTQ community. 


Arts Programming

  • Provide a platform and support for independent, under-represented, and new artists exploring the LGBTQ experience.

  • Maintain a reputation among visiting artists as a premier arts presenter.

  • Foster excellence in cinematic programming and showcase the diversity of LGBTQ voices and stories.

Community Engagement & Enrichment

  • Enhance community engagement through awareness of the importance of the festival and increase attendance at festival events.

  • Provide community and individual connections to the LGBTQ experience through the arts.

  • Partner with local businesses and nonprofits to elevate the role of the arts in the community.

Organizational Management

  • Maintain collective ownership through non-hierarchical and participatory decision-making.