Thank you to all of our members and donors who make Out on Film possible. Because of your enthusiastic support, we are able to grow every year and bring the very best of LGBTQ film to Atlanta. On behalf of all of us at Out on Film and all of the filmmakers we are able to promote, we thank you. 



Charles Bjorklund

Joshua and David Lorenz-McElroy

Alfredo Claro

Howard Yorek

Paul Nieminen


Tad Boomer

David Lender

Sharon Lucius

Gifford Berry

Joe Blount

Audrey Krumback

Alan Galumbeck

Robert Boulet

Hal Mobley and Steve Sickler

Brad Hansen

Mark Engel

Dan Coltharp

Michael West

Dian Dian

Stephen Kight

Terry Ogletree

Bill Top

John Marsh

Aaron Jones

Floyd Taylor and

Mauricio Clavijo

Mark Woods

Susan Yandel

Robert McTyre

Gordon Bohne

Beau Talley

Robert Iasilo

Carlos Banda

Jason Steidel and Gerard McCann

Willie Gaither

Winston Johnson

Charles Bjorklund

Josh Noblitt

Glen Fitch

Louis Rodriquez

Steve Gedaly

Bill Jenkins

John Sartain and Mike Nifong

Tim Morta

Michael Rupert

Stephen Kight

Robin Hancock

Maria Helena Dolan

Larry Johnson

Bruce Rose

Thanh Doan