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TransGeek streaming free through May 1!

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

Producer/Director Kevin McCarthy is making TransGeek available for free streaming to help us all out as we stay home. If you missed this wonderful film at the festival, please check it out now.


TransGeek brings together the stories of transgender people working in the tech industry and existing within geek culture. These are the stories of people that risked their careers and their lives to be their authentic selves. These are the stories of people that persevere in an industry that undervalues women, LGBTQ+ folk, and people of color; to pursue their passions. These are the stories of people that found themselves in the pages of science fiction and fantasy, or didn't and wrote themselves in any way. These are the stories of people that turned to the Internet to build communities that transcended geography and bigotry, and then found themselves again the target of hatred and harassment. TransGeek Movie is about making a place for transgender people to tell their own stories in their own voices. The film uses in-depth interviews conducted over a period of several years to explore the lives, hobbies, politics, careers, and thoughts of transgender geeks, and features an original score composed by Zoë Blade, a British electronic musician, and transgender woman.

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